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The Sports Psychotherapy Academy

Why Train With Us?

We are the ONLY provider of courses in the UK which have been developed to address ‘off the field issues’ in sport. They are specifically designed to equip students of the Academy with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to work on a psychotherapeutic level within professional sport

Our courses have been developed using the expertise of Sports Psychotherapist and Author, Gary Bloom, currently the only sports psychotherapy practitioner working in professional football.

The NEW way to improve performance.

Why our courses are different

Whilst the overall effects of our work include improvements in personal wellbeing and individual happiness, having Sports Psychotherapy Services within your organisation has a much more tangible impact.


Get the inside track on what it’s like working in elite sports


Content not available anywhere in the world


Give yourself the edge in working with elite athletes and sports clubs

Forward thinking

Invest in yourself to achieve your dream of working in professional sport

At the pioneering Sports Psychotherapy Academy, we believe YOU, the practitioner should be equipped with ALL the skills necessary to be able to work effectively in elite sport.

Professional sportspeople can seek you out, knowing you have been through rigorous and in-depth training which covers all the essentials of what is involved with working in professional sport.

There are options for those already trained as psychologists, counsellors or psychotherapists, as well as those working with sportspeople in a coaching capacity – but all are focussed on creating effective connections and unlocking your players potential.


Getting started

For a no-obligation discussion around your particular requirements – call or email us and see how Sports Psychotherapy Services can be applied for you or your club.