Psychological Wellbeing in Sports Programme

This is for those students of psychotherapy, psychology and counselling wanting to break into the world of professional sport. Gary takes delegates on a journey of learning about how to survive and thrive in the tough but rewarding world of sports psychotherapy and counselling.

Course structure
This is the only course in the world that goes behind the dressing room doors to allow delegates to understand how to help elite sportsmen and women achieve their potential using psychotherapeutic approaches in the environment they inhabit.

This course gives a general overview of the key areas of Sports Psychotherapy, introducing learners to how psychotherapy can be used in sporting environments. This exciting foundation course is currently completely online and blends theory and practice.

What will I learn? This modular course will take you through the following:

  • What is Sports Psychotherapy
  • Sports Psychotherapy vs Sports Psychology
  • The Role of the Sports Psychotherapist
  • Player Issues
  • Sports Psychotherapy in a Professional Club
  • In the field Issues
Why choose this course? This course will highlight the ways of working as a Sports Psychotherapist and the challenges and obstacles one has to face when working psychotherapeutically with sportsmen and women. Helping you to uncover the ways in which you can develop further within Sports Psychotherapy.
Who is this course for? Anyone who has an interest in Sports Psychotherapy and would like to know how to use it professionally
Entry requirements This course is open to anyone with an interest in Sports and Psychotherapy or Counselling and the possible applications of either in a sporting environment.
Cost The cost of this course is £59.99

This course has been professionally endorsed by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES). Successful completion of this course will lead to 5 credits being awarded to the registered individual.

The Sports Psychotherapy programme is designed to help progress a career working psychotherapeutically within elite sport.
The training offers the professional skills and practitioner experience and training required by professional sporting clubs, and gives assurance to future employers that you have achieved a level of proficiency that goes beyond the industry standard.

This course is for individuals who have:

An interest in sports
Dealing exclusively with athletes and sporting professionals, an interest in sports is necessary in order to understand their unique needs.
The ability to work in a high–stress, fast-paced environment
Much like their clients, sports psychotherapists must be able to work under immense pressure with many deadlines and with a variety of stakeholders, from athletes to managers and their respective agents.
Excellent problem–solving skills
The capacity for analysing and evaluating player performance data, combining it with therapeutic information, and using that information to develop an effective treatment approach.
The ability to create effective relationships
It is vital to working across departments and disciplines to achieve the best outcome for both individual players and the team.

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